Helping Students Tell Their Stories

Our personalized approach to essay coaching helps your student find and develop the essay topic that helps them stand out.

I ensure I’m always providing the highest level of service to students by learning from industry leaders, participating in ongoing training, and poring over books and blog posts.


My Background

I’ve been a professional business writer for more than 15 years, helping businesses craft their stories for their websites. I’ve also written more than 500 corporate bios and written hundreds of blog posts that are designed to attract attention. While I’ve loved this career, I wanted to make a difference in the lives of students who are applying for college.

My Goals

Now, I've combined my master’s degree in counseling psychology and my extensive writing and editing background into college essay coaching. This unique combination of skills lets me help students find their deepest stories, develop their voice, and write the essays that help them stand out.

  • Sonya, parent
    [Daughter] got off the call SO motivated and excited about her essay topic. IT WAS BRILLIANT! She shared it with me, her dad and her grandparents. :) She really enjoyed the conversation and it was tremendously helpful and productive. She already started on it!
    Sonya, parent
  • Jenny, parent
    Julia Byrd is a fabulous resource for any rising senior, especially those with anxiety when being asked to write an essay. She has many resources she recommends for further info. Most valuable is her advice, recommendations, attention to detail, focus to topic, diligence, care and time. Julia responded much quicker than we expected her to for each question, concern, edit, etc. She made my son feel he was a priority, and -- most importantly -- she made him feel confident when he submitted his college application essays. That is a feeling that every parent strives for. We would recommend Julia Byrd: Essay Coach 1,000 times over.
    Jenny, parent
  • Lina, student
    Julia took me through the process of writing my personal statement over the last 5 months. She took a very daunting thing for me and helped me put together all my thoughts and experiences in a way that shows who I am. Over the months, she gave me so much support and grace as I had external factors that were affecting me, especially since I am someone who really hates writing. I would not have been able to put together a more perfect piece without all her questions, drafts, corrections, and encouragement. I will always consider her when needing help and would recommend her to anyone, especially if you're struggling with where to start. She has a true passion and talent for getting you to put what you're thinking on the page and help turn it into something amazing.
    Lina, student
  • Somonia, Parent 
    I can’t thank you enough for your help with my son. You were able to get him to open up to you and express all his feelings in his essay. You are amazing, and you share a special place in our hearts. Mrs. Byrd is the BEST essay coach ever, and you and your child will feel comfortable talking with her.  
    Somonia, Parent 
  • Justine, Student 
    You were so helpful at helping me brainstorm and find answers to my questions. You spent lots of time with me and were very patient and accommodating, especially with my deadlines being so close. Our frequent back and forth was so helpful, and it gave me the confidence I needed to complete my essays on time. I was so lost beforehand, and I will always remember the experience and how reassuring you were through it. Thank you! 
    Justine, Student 
  • Kim, Parent 
    My daughter knew it was going to be a challenge fitting her essay into the fixed word count while keeping the content and the meaning behind her story, and Julia really helped. She connects with students and provides specific feedback to guide their essay while making sure the student does the work and stays true to their thoughts and ideas. We appreciated that she was very easy to schedule time with and had a quick turnaround. 
    Kim, Parent 
  • Isabel, Student 
    My two biggest concerns about working with someone on my college admissions essay were making sure my ideas would be heard and feeling comfortable enough to be vulnerable and open, but Julia made both very easy! She helps you find a perfect topic that highlights your interests and qualities and guides you through turning that topic into a really awesome essay. The best part was all the suggestions she provided during the writing/editing process. She gave me so many ideas that I would’ve never thought of on my own, and I feel very confident about my essay. I really enjoyed the entire process, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without her. I would absolutely recommend using Julia as an essay coach!  
    Isabel, Student 
  • Dana, Parent 
    5-star service! Quick turnaround! My son wanted to make sure he was answering his essay questions in a way that was complete and concise — but that also emphasized his skills and achievements. His biggest worry was having to start over, losing what he’d spent so much time creating. But Julia offered specific, thoughtful recommendations and improvements that were easy for my son to understand and implement. Her suggestions let my son keep ownership of his content and his sense of accomplishment while adding a level of polish to his essays. The extra step of working with Julia was definitely worth it! 
    Dana, Parent 

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